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Preview Link

7時間 4分 前

Provides a preview link that is tokenised, and therefore bypasses access control to allow any user to preview unpublished content.

Auto Recommend Content Tags (Thru Apache Stanbol)

19時間 8分 前

Drupal 8 + Apache Stanbol + Socket.IO = Auto Recommend Content Tags!

This module utilizes Apache Stanbol to suggest tags, or search keywords while an editor is typing or creating new content.
It hooks with Apache Stanbol via a web socket to provide real-time tags recommendations when adding/editing content.

Admin Toolbar Content Languages

2017-01-21 (土) 10:42

Minify JS

2017-01-21 (土) 06:26

Panels: Stack-tab

2017-01-21 (土) 06:06

This module defines a Panels pane style which changes from stacked to tabbed as the screen width shrinks.

User stories:

As an themer, I want to be able to make panel panes that switch between stacked and tabbed view as the user's viewport changes, so that I can save vertical space when my site is viewed on a mobile device.


This module requires the following modules:

Drupal 7 version:

Commerce order number

2017-01-21 (土) 04:29

Commerce order number is a module for
Drupal Commerce, that provides an
extensible framework for generating ID independent order numbers.

By default, Commerce sets the ID of the order entity as order number as well,
which leads to gaps (unfinished carts) and not always ascending order numbers.
This can cause problems, if orders are exported to external accounting systems,
when sequential order numbers are presumed.

Adyen Payment

2017-01-20 (金) 23:16

More soon...

A11y Dialog

2017-01-20 (金) 13:43

The A11y Dialog module implements the A11y Dialog JavScript Library.

“Dialog windows are especially problematic for screen reader users.
Often times the user is able to “escape” the window and interact with
other parts of the page when they should not be able to. This is
partially due to the way screen reader software interacts with the

Group Forum

2017-01-20 (金) 10:24

Private forums for groups. Works with the Group module to provide private forums.

Dependencies: https://www.drupal.org/project/group


git clone git://git.drupal.org/project/gforum.git

Rest Without Format

2017-01-19 (木) 21:23

Allows access to rest endpoints without specifying the '_format' key. If '_format' key is not available, then uses the 'xml' as default request format.

Related Issues -

Todo -
Make default request format configurable

Invoicing Service

2017-01-19 (木) 20:44

Integrates with Digitale Factuur. To be released soon...

Ginger Payments

2017-01-19 (木) 20:40

This module provides Ginger Payments (https://www.gingerpayments.com/) integration for the Payment platform (https://drupal.org/project/payment). Ginger Payments is a Dutch payment service provider. With this module enabled site owner can enable customers (more general visitors) to perform payments to the site owners Ginger Payments account.
Depending on this Ginger Payments account customers can pay through iDEAL, Creditcard, Bancontact and Sofort.

Simple entity merge D8

2017-01-19 (木) 07:26

Simple module that adds a tab for entities that lets you chose a another entity of the same type and merge all the references to this entity to that other entity.

Only takes care of entity_reference fields and it doesn't process entities in batch so is not advised for large number of references.

Details Filter

2017-01-19 (木) 03:05

Adds a filter that eats input like this and renders a details element:

[details]foo bar baz[/details] [details open]foo bar baz[/details] [details: Summary]foo bar baz[/details] [details open: Summary]foo bar baz[/details]

CKEditor iFrame

2017-01-19 (木) 02:12

This module integrates the CKEditor iFrame Dialog for CKEditor. After installing, you will be able to add a button to the CKEditor toolbar that will allow a user to embed iframe content from YouTube or applications like Google Calendar.


This module requires the core CKEditor module and the CKEditor FakeObjects module.

Default Content Extras

2017-01-19 (木) 01:09

Default Content Extra is a Drupal 8 only module that adds "extra", experimental
functionality to the Default Content for D8 module (but is not affiliated with the module other than it is a required dependency.)

Current features include:

Disable user 1 edit

2017-01-18 (水) 23:26

Disable user 1 edit module makes it so that that all operations on user 1 is disabled.

This way, people can have the permission "Administer users", but not edit user 1 (and thus, not edit their password or email).

Feeds Entity

2017-01-18 (水) 21:00

Leverages Entity API to provide new sources and targets for Feeds importers.

Quickbooks XML

2017-01-18 (水) 14:57

Perform input and output data interchange functionality for Drupal and Quickbooks.

The Quickbooks XML module:

  • queues outgoing messages and sends them to Quickbooks via the Quickbooks Webconnector module
  • receives incoming messages and correlates the data to an appropriate book identifier
  • provides hooks to allow automatic inspection of incoming QBXML messages
  • provides hooks to allow automatic importing of incoming QBXML data
  • defines a default data importer that automatically imports data using Feeds
  • defines the QBXML theme hook to theme outgoing messages appropriately for QBXML
  • provides hook_suggestion functionality to allow other modules to extend the QBXML theme via defined qbxml.tpl.php files
  • implements iterative importing of large Quickbooks datasets

Content First Layouts

2017-01-18 (水) 10:26

This module contains content-first panels layouts with the following properties:

  • Apart from the main content region, all regions are adaptive, so they are not shown if they have no content
  • The content region adapts its size depending on the sidebars
  • The content region is rendered above the sidebars, so in responsive mobile layout content is on top (note: you need to add breakpoints and css for this)

Currently it contains