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Simple Mobile Login

2017-02-19 (日) 07:34

This module provide functionality to login with mobile number.It is very simple to use.

This module requires the following modules:
* telephone


* Install as you would normally install a contributed Drupal module. See:
for further information.

SMS Account Activation

2017-02-18 (土) 22:16

Migrate Source Directory

2017-02-18 (土) 11:43

A Migrate Source Plugin to import files from a directory path in to Drupal Files.

Plugin Definition:

source: constants: uri_file: 'public://' #required plugin: directory track_changes: true urls: - /path/to/files/for/import file_extensions: - mp3 - m4a - wav recurse_level: -1

This plugin provides the following fields:

Angular Views

2017-02-17 (金) 22:32

Big pipe override

2017-02-17 (金) 18:26
This module is meant for development purposes

Some times you want to disable big pipe, for example to make sure you can set breakpoints in JS files in attached libraries. Just drop in this module and enable it in settings.php like so:

$settings['big_pipe_override_enabled'] = TRUE;

When changing this value, you should clear the cache.

Workflow participants

2017-02-16 (木) 07:16

This module allows per-entity workflow participants to be configured. These
participants can either be editors or reviewers. Content moderation states can
be configured to allow editors, reviewers, or both, to make transitions. Reviewers
cannot edit the content, only moderate. Editors can moderate and make changes.

Human Decimal Formatter

2017-02-16 (木) 00:05

A tiny module that provides a simple decimal field formatter that displays decimal digits only if exist (because humans are not computersTM).

For example 3.00 will render as 3 (no digital digits) but 3.23 will render as 3.23 etc.

Initially I found it helpful to propose this formatter on core but until this happens it would be better to add this here as a separate module and get feedback from the community.

Scaffolding was made with Drupal Console.

Migrate report

2017-02-15 (水) 05:59

Migrate report is a tiny module that generates a reports based on the last migration run. Many times the migration and content managers are requesting a list of errors, warnings and notices raised during migration. Migrate is logging such information in the {migrate_message_*} tables but there's no aggregated view on all errors and inconsistencies.

Search API Synonym

2017-02-14 (火) 20:37

This module let editors or administrators manage synonyms for Search API
directly in Drupal.

Synonyms can be export using the build in Drupal Console command.
Drush command and automatic export using Drupal cron job is in development.

The module support the synonyms.txt format used in Apache Solr.
Other formats can be added using the Export plugin annotation.

Views Extras (Session/Cookie/Token Support)

2017-02-14 (火) 01:35

Views extra modules provide extra arguments for contextual filters based on session, cookie or token. This extends filter functionality to pass cookie, session variable or token as argument to views.

Views Extras allows to create views that accept arguments from session, cache or token. As of now, module provides following type of arguments:

RESTful Web Services: Resource Discovery

2017-02-13 (月) 22:37

Allows a list of entities (including bundle, field and property info) to be viewed at /restws_resource.json.

Motivation: a 3rd party system may not be aware of all entity types available, so a list of entity info is useful. There are some obvious entity types, such as node, comment etc but any custom entity types will not be known to a 3rd party.

Devel Mode

2017-02-13 (月) 22:30



Helper module for developers.

- Twig configuration
- Cache bin configuration
- Page cache
- Module enabling / disabling

Configuration in services.yml

config.devel_mode: disable_preprocess_js: TRUE disable_preprocess_css: TRUE modules: - devel - webprofiler cache.bin: - render twig: debug: TRUE auto_reload: TRUE cache: FALSE

Commerce Shipping on Review Page

2017-02-13 (月) 12:03

This module addresses a shortcoming in Commerce Shipping that causes the final order total to be inaccurate if the choice of shipping option is put on the final "Review" step of checkout.

This can be useful if, for example, you're attempting to reduce Drupal Commerce's typical four step checkout into two or three steps instead.

Once installed and enabled, this module exposes the following two new rules events:

Catalyst Nagios customisation

2017-02-13 (月) 09:30

Makes some customisations to the nagios module.
* Alters the output format to be status:message
* Passes the ID from the URL into the status collection so as to allow URL parameters to control showing a specific status.

Config Filter

2017-02-13 (月) 03:20

Configuration Filter swaps the config.storage.sync service from Drupal 8 core.
The new service wraps the file storage and applies filters to it.
This allows other modules to change the configuration as it gets imported or exported both in the Drupal UI and with drush. (drupal console patch pending)

Image resize

2017-02-11 (土) 20:28

Before downloading and using this module please read the next lines carefully. This module has a very specific use case. You should not use it to resize images that are managed by Drupal. If your content type or taxonomy vocabulary has an image field, then images you upload to the nodes or terms of this type are most likely managed by Drupal.

Poll Scheduler

2017-02-11 (土) 12:47

Activates Polls on the date they are published by scheduler module.

Scheduler module can be used to set a date when content goes from the 'unpublished' state to the 'published' state. If that content happens to be a poll, you might also want the poll to activate on that same date.

Depends on:
* Poll module
* Scheduler module

Text formats report

2017-02-11 (土) 02:26

Provides a birds eye view of the usage of text formats, which is useful when analyzing this part of a drupal site's configuraiton.

Displays information around the usage of text formats available to the site, including:

  • Filters enabled for each format.
  • Custom blocks using the formats.
  • Entities using each formats.
  • Bundles using each formats.
  • Fields using the formats.

Also included:

Prometheus monitoring integration

2017-02-10 (金) 22:37

Config Actions

2017-02-10 (金) 22:35

Config Actions provides a pluggable framework for easily manipulating configuration data via simple YAML files with the goal of creating truly reusable software components in Drupal.

Example use cases include: