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SMS Gateway Base

4時間 21分 前

This module provides base classes and functionality which other gateway plugin modules can extend to simplify creation of gateways

Scheduled Executable

13時間 38分 前

This module allows actions and other executable plugins to be scheduled for execution at a future time.

It uses a content entity type, scheduled_executable, to store the details of the plugin to execute.

Scheduled executables (SE) can be queried, inspected, and deleted prior to execution. Furthermore, a SE can specify that it replaces, or may be replaced by other SEs that are scheduled with the same entity at the same time.


CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar

2017-08-18 (金) 21:41

This module integrates the CKEditor Table Tools Toolbar plugin.

It provides a plugin for CKEditor 4, that add toolbar's groups with buttons relevant to tabletools plugin's table's context menu items actions.


This module requires to install the CKEditor "Table Tools Toolbar" plugin.

How to install dependencies via composer
  1. Add ckeditor/tabletoolstoolbar repositories to your `composer.json`.

Route Specific Breadcrumb

2017-08-18 (金) 18:38

This Module Provides Custom Breadcrumb support. for Drupal 8 and it provides many features like Views, Taxonomy, nodes etc.

How it Works!

Got to this route: /admin/config/route_specific_breadcrumb/routespecific
Add route like route_specific_breadcrumb.route_specific_form

And below that Add breadcrumb as text and url in a add more form for above route.

This will generate breadcrumb for entered route.

note: If changes are not getting reflected please clear your cache.

Authorization Code

2017-08-18 (金) 18:02

Webform Skip

2017-08-17 (木) 22:32

This module makes a multi-step webform's progress bar "clickable" so users can skip to various parts of the form quickly.

When you enable this module, by default this functionality will be turned on for all multi-step webforms. You can disable on a per-webform basis with a setting in the "Progress Bar" section of a webform's configuration form.

One Time Password SMS

2017-08-17 (木) 14:26

Adds the ability to receive one time passwords as SMS as an alternative to authenticator applications.

Transcript import

2017-08-17 (木) 05:24

This module will allow you to perform learner record imports to the Course suite of modules:


While you can build importers that can import into entities such as Course enrollments, completions, and credit, importing to all 3 of them at the same time would require 3 different files and 3 different imports.

Customer Product Predictor

2017-08-17 (木) 03:17

Customer Product Prediction is a novel platform for your website that creates a model of your data using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict, with a high probability, if a new or existing customer will likely buy one or more of your products.

Customer Product Prediction

2017-08-17 (木) 02:28

Customer Product Prediction is a novel platform for your website that creates a model of your data using artificial intelligence algorithms to predict, with a high probability, if a new or existing customer will likely buy one or more of your products.

Commerce Addon

2017-08-17 (木) 01:59

Commerce Add-on provides a purchasable entity that can be used for adding generic order items. Think of it as a way of selling "upgrades" or "features" in addition to a main product or package.

This is not like Commerce Product Add-on. The Commerce Product Add-on module allows you to additionally sell existing products. For instance, you could sell a T-Shirt and a Membership as an add-on. Both are existing products with their own add to cart forms.

Content Export Import

2017-08-16 (水) 20:18

Under active development.

Views limit

2017-08-16 (水) 11:03

This module expose the drop down of number of records which you want to display on the views result page. For example if you want to show the views result of 25, 50, 100, all etc.

Pattern Labs Command

2017-08-16 (水) 06:59

Console commands for working with pattern labs

Excel LibXL

2017-08-16 (水) 05:37

This module provides an Excel encoder via LibXL Library (commerce) for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This enables the XLS and XLSX format to be used for data output.


2017-08-15 (火) 23:21

This module allows you to generate HTML forms from JSON Schemas using JSON Forms library.

These forms values will be translated to string and saved into a long text plain field type.

You only need to configure the widget with the desired form structure and the default value (if needed).

Usage examples here

REST Absolute URLs

2017-08-15 (火) 21:29

REST Absolute URLs is a tiny module which replaces relative file / image URLs with absolute URLs in the content fields when they are exposed to any Headless D8 successor (like JSON API or any other).

Views Zurb Foundation

2017-08-15 (火) 21:23

The Views Zurb Foundation module adds styles to Views to output the results of a view
as Zurb Foundation 6 Block Grid (see Zurb Foundation Block Grid). This module is based on Views Bootstrap and altered for Zurb Foundation.

Views Format HMS

2017-08-15 (火) 19:11

Drupal views_format.hms.module README.txt

Module adds an extra option for formatting of integer fields in views output without requiring custom templates

Commerce postcode delivery

2017-08-15 (火) 17:13

Delivery charges based on postal code, time-for-delivery (2 hour, 4 hour, or 24 hour), or any other use case. The module can be extended by developers to suit their specific use case.

Go to the Commerce shipping add method page, add the shipping method provided herewith, and upload a CSV file (format mentioned in the help section). That's it, you're all set.