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Registration types

2017-03-25 (土) 22:40

Better Register

2017-03-25 (土) 19:09

Better registration and login processes:

API Source

2017-03-25 (土) 18:51

Adds source display to class members in the API module.

Edit: For now, this requires a patch to Views Megarow which is posted here https://www.drupal.org/node/1802416 but which should be committed soon.

Conversational Forms

2017-03-25 (土) 17:05

Integration with Space10's Conversational Forms JS library.

This plug and play module converts a traditional webform into conversational interfaces. Every field can be individually configured for questions, errors and validations.

More reading

This module is functional but not complete.

Rules Message Conditions

2017-03-25 (土) 02:59

Adds additional Rules conditions for the Message module.

New conditions:
  • Is rendered text of two messages equal. (Accommodates text delta)

Telephone Formatter

2017-03-24 (金) 21:37

This module provides extra formatters to core's Telephone field. It uses giggsey/libphonenumber-for-php library to provide support for standardized telephone formats.

It's recommended to use telephone_validation module to ensure certain level of data quality.

Linkit OG

2017-03-24 (金) 21:33

This module limits the autocomplete suggestions of entities in Linkit to those belonging to the user's groups.


The module depends on:

SVG image field

2017-03-24 (金) 20:09

This module adds a new field, widget and formatter, which allows .svg file extension to be uploaded.

Module based on core Image and File modules and contrib svg_formatter. In formatter settings you can set default image size and enable alt and title attributes.


Image is provided already by core [no dependencies].

PayUmoney for Ubercart

2017-03-24 (金) 15:05
Integrating with Drupal 7.x

Step 1 Upload the files by going to Modules >> Install new modules. Browse the zip file provided to you and upload it. Then search for the “PayUMoney” and enable it but by clicking on “Save configuration”.

Step 2 Now goto Store>>Payment Methods. Select PayUMoney and click on “settings” against it. You can change the Payment Gateway mode here. You can either choose TEST or LIVE based on whether you are using Live Merchant Key or Salt or the demo Merchant Key and Salt.

Payplug D8

2017-03-24 (金) 01:55

Une interface simple entre votre site Drupal 8 et le service Payplug.

Internationalization Path Translation

2017-03-24 (金) 00:56

Have you ever wondered how to translate the paths of pages created by page manager, for example?
Let's suppose we have a scenario with a multilingual website and we create our events/!city page in English using page manager and now we need to translate the path to Portuguese.
Now it's possible to create those paths by going to admin/config/regional/i18n_translation/path and using * as wildcards.
You simply have to add events/* on the English version and add eventos/* on the Portuguese, for example!


2017-03-23 (木) 21:25

Many projects have a need to have an HTML-only version of the Drupal site's layout that they include on other related sites for a standard header / footer.

Rather than having to manually create this, and then keep it updated whenever your site theme or layout changes, Templater lets you use any page on your site as a template that can be downloaded or included on another site.

Commerce Paystack

2017-03-23 (木) 20:14

This module integrates Paystack into Drupal Commerce payment. It currently supports the standard and inline workflows from Paystack.

The module also support webhooks from Paystack

The initial development of this module was sponsored by Nosh n Nibble

Installation and configuration


2017-03-23 (木) 10:51

This module was created to fill a void for D7 sites we worked on that had no framework or base theme with responsive image handling. While it may be mildly obsolete in these modern times, it’s still super useful in a pinch.

This modules utilizes the imagefit.js jQuery plugin created by Periplox. Simply put, it is a simple, lightweight plugin to make images fit anywhere and anyway.

Batch Content Manager

2017-03-23 (木) 10:08

Enable content operation per content type

Business Rules

2017-03-23 (木) 10:04

Business Rules project

Check Link

2017-03-23 (木) 02:05

This module is intended to solve a very simple problem: if you have "secured" pages to which you want to link, but a user is not logged in, the menu will hide it. If you point a user to user/login?destination=the-page, the link will disappear for logged in users.

Point your users to checklink?destination=the-page to allow the link to show, but redirect users appropriately.

Views password field

2017-03-23 (木) 01:06

This module exposes the password hash in views. Do not use this module unless you know what it does.

Flysystem Swift integration

2017-03-23 (木) 01:01

Simple ICS

2017-03-23 (木) 00:56

* Introduction
This is a simple module which allows create simple twig urls which will create an ICS calendar file based on a node and two start and end date fields.

* Requirements
This module requires the https://github.com/markuspoerschke/iCal module which is part of the composer.json file included

* Recommended modules

* Installation
Typical Drupal install

* Configuration