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Multistep Registration

57分 49秒 前

With WhyWebs Multistep Registration you will have a multistep registration form. This module will auto create first and last names as a required field in your registration form, no need to worry about the username too, this module will create usernames depending on each user first and last name. so bottom of line this module will solve all registrations steps even faster than normal registration process.

- show the password strength or not.
- redirect users after login to an absolute or optional url.
- redirect users after logout too.

Class it up

5時間 15分 前

This project provides classes based on information Drupal knows about.

We will try to follow Drupal's CSS guidelines.

Currently it offers:

  • region machine names as classes on blocks

And plans:

  • view display machine names on views

Please make your own suggestions or requests!

Permissions By Entity

11時間 58分 前

Description will follow soon...

Commerce Exit Bee

2017-05-22 (月) 23:51

This is a contribution to Drupal Commerce. This module adds the possibility to send the order data to the Exit Bee service.
This helps you determine the generated revenue from all your website users that have converted on your Exit Bee campaigns.


Rules implementation which let you control when to send the tracking code to Exit Bee. This is useful if you redirect the user to a different page than the default checkout complete page.

PayPal Donation Integration

2017-05-22 (月) 21:39

Module allows you to easily integrate PayPal Donations in to Drupal website. Module creates a route which is accessible under /donate. This is a page where donations happen. It is a simple form which allows user to select the donating amount or input his own amount (both settings are configurable). Welcome text, thank you text and cancel text are customizable under the settings page of the module.

Krux ControlTag

2017-05-22 (月) 20:43

This module is designed to add Krux Control Tags (http://www.krux.com) to the site.

Media Entity Dailymotion

2017-05-22 (月) 19:00

This module provides support for Daily motion for Media Entity.


2017-05-22 (月) 18:42

Provides enhanced files integration for JSON API.


2017-05-22 (月) 17:07

Integrate Intercom with your Drupal website. The Intercom module provides an easy method
to set-up the live chat functionality for the Intercom service and provides the Intercom PHP-SDK as a Drupal service for integrating modules.


Currently the simplest and only supported way to install this module is using composer.

composer require drupal/intercom

Private Messages

2017-05-22 (月) 05:49

This module is my vision on how to manage simple private messages dialogs in D8.

Similar modules

Random Passcode Generate Widget

2017-05-20 (土) 20:46

This module comes with a handy random alphanumeric code generator widget . This widget has a setting which allows administrator to set the number of digits that the alphanumeric code will contain for each instance of the field.

Theme Field

2017-05-20 (土) 14:33

During the development of Paragraphs LandingPage Framework I just found that it will be good to have Theme Switcher Field separately because it can be very useful not only inside Landing Pages.

Partially Multilingual

2017-05-20 (土) 05:49
Quick Summary

If you have a site that is multilingual, but only some pages are translated, this module redirects untranslated pages to the source language, to help with search engine optimization.

A bit more detail...

The purpose of the Partially Multilingual module is to avoid having multiple, unaliased URLs for the same page, which differ only by the language prefix in the URL, if your site has pages that are not translated into all of the enabled site languages.

Payment field

2017-05-19 (金) 23:50

The field_payment field automatically creates a payment entity when the entityform type to which the field is attached is submitted. These payments are set up using the Payment module (https://www.drupal.org/project/payment).

This project was built because the paymentreference module did not meet the requirements for an implementation of the Payment module in an entityform type.

Exit Bee

2017-05-19 (金) 23:21

Exit Bee is a smart conversion optimisation tool that helps you get the most out of your website visitors.

Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of each visitor and predicts the moment they’re about the abandon the website. You can recover those ‘lost’ visitors by targeting them with tailored campaigns and messages based on what they’ve done.

Production Check Features

2017-05-19 (金) 22:43

The Production Check Features module extends the Production check/monitor project with the ability to check for the status of features on remote sites. This is useful when you maintain many sites and use features in the deployment process. With this module enabled you will be able to see if all features are still in the default state. If not, appropriate action can be taken.

Paragraphs accordion

2017-05-19 (金) 19:11

A pre-configured paragraph type that generates an accordion on display.

This module allows the user to enter multiple text/title pairs via the text_with_title compound field type.


2017-05-19 (金) 11:29

Views RSS Core Enclosure Force HTTP on image in formater

2017-05-19 (金) 06:14

Provides views formatter to allow for non https image paths for rss enclosure on https site. To be used with Views Rss Core.

Field Config Cardinality

2017-05-19 (金) 05:28

Allows the cardinality of specific config fields to be overridden cardinality of Storage field.
(Field instance cardinality for drupal 8)

You need patch gets in core. Read more https://www.drupal.org/node/2822460

This module allows reuse fields on diferents bundles of same entity and save on same table of db. Example: field_dates, is posible to be multiple field on article content type, and reuse with single field on page content type.