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2017-09-01 (金) 07:18

SEG is a data platform tool for e-commerce businesses that easily gathers data from your orders, emails and website traffic. It then automatically generates clever customer profiles and segments which you use to target, segment & personalize your marketing campaigns effortlessly.

Drive ROI through clever marketing segmentation and automate your marketing workflows by connecting Seg to over 500 popular online apps from email providers, SMS, Salesforce and task management tools like Trello.

Fixed text email formatter

2017-09-01 (金) 06:54

The Fixed text email formatter module allows links to be formatted with a fixed email text and is a direct rip off of Fixed text link formatter by legolasbo.


This module requires no additional contrib modules.

Embed Image Style Permissions

2017-09-01 (金) 06:16

Set access permissions on individual image styles (to limit content editors to certain image styles when embedding in wysiwygs).

Simple Twilio SMS

2017-09-01 (金) 03:29

The Simple Twilio module is used for sent text messages using the Twilio SMS service.

OTP Verification

Using this module all authenticated users can save their mobile number in site. To avoid invalid or non-authenticate mobile numbers, the module will send an OTP to given number. The number is only saved after completing the OTP verification.

Send Message to User

Commerce License OG Role

2017-09-01 (金) 01:00

The Commerce License OG Role module allows Commerce Licenses to grant roles in OG Groups.

Each license product can grant a role in a specific group, both of which are configured on the product variation.

Commerce Product MinMax

2017-08-31 (木) 23:29

This module provides a field to specify minimum and maximum quantities for products.

Organic Groups Site Manager

2017-08-31 (木) 22:23

Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to Drupal.org

This module provides support to setup a platform supporting multiple (sub)sites
based on Organic groups (OG) functionality.

  • Define what node types should be used as Site's.
  • Simplified OG API by providing OG function wrappers.

NOTE: Site entities are limited to node entities.


2017-08-31 (木) 00:29

Module provide itegration with SMSC library, for sending short messages (SMS, MMS, Viber, E-mail, Ping / HLR / Flash / Push, etc) by SMSC provider.

Webform Permissions By Term

2017-08-30 (水) 22:24


2017-08-30 (水) 20:43

Streamy is a storage module that allows you to store and serve files from different locations such as AWS, Dropbox, a CDN or a different folder
on your local server.

Streamy works as a low-level Stream Wrapper leveraging on the powerful flysystem library, its settings can be also exported as configuration files. Optionally they can be automatically loaded depending on the environment via the environmental_config module.

Form element states

2017-08-30 (水) 20:32

Form Element States module provides a field widget for all core field types to add state properties into it. Common use cases is some fields need to be visible/hide/required depends on other field value.

* For a full description of the module visit

Commerce: Product taxonomy filter

2017-08-30 (水) 18:44

This lightweight module is trying to solve the problem that Views contextual filter named "Content has taxonomy term ID (with depth)" is available only for nodes and can not be used for products in Drupal Commerce 2.x.

The Module extends Taxonomy module from Drupal core and provides a new contextual filter "Product has taxonomy term ID (with depth)".

Human Presence Form Protection

2017-08-30 (水) 01:25

Human Presence is a form protection service that uses multiple overlapping strategies to fight form spam. In the context of Drupal, this includes protecting user registration and login forms, content creation forms, contact forms, and more.

PSN Public Trophies

2017-08-29 (火) 22:52

Integrate Playstation Network (PSN)

Hubspot API

2017-08-29 (火) 06:56

// WIP

One-Time-Login Logout

2017-08-29 (火) 06:45

Force the current visitor to be logged out when loading a one-time-login path.

Custom Header Image

2017-08-29 (火) 01:30

Custom Header Image provides a simple user interface for uploading and maintaining header images which should appear at various paths leveraging various image styles and a custom block to place those images in the appropriate region. This is one block which will determine which header image to render on any path.

Dominant color

2017-08-28 (月) 22:55

This module calculates the dominant color of the image. The setup when using this module is as follows:
- There will be a vocabulary holding colors that you need to predefine.
- there will be at least one content type holding an image field and a reference to the color taxonomy.

- Install https://www.drupal.org/project/registry_autoload module.
- Install this module as usual.

Video Gallery

2017-08-28 (月) 21:51

Spy manip

2017-08-28 (月) 19:40