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Social Auth Mailru

2017-08-24 (木) 19:00

Social Auth Instagram

2017-08-24 (木) 19:00

Social Auth Heroku

2017-08-24 (木) 19:00

Social Auth Githlab

2017-08-24 (木) 18:53

Title HTML

2017-08-24 (木) 15:03

This modules extend Title module to allow node titles to have HTML tags.

Title module brings title field to replace entity title property. We can configure that title field to have filtered text. However, as of certain roadblocks in Drupal core, we cannot get formatted title on different places in sites. This module fixes that roadblocks.

Views data export pdf

2017-08-24 (木) 03:41

Views Google News

2017-08-23 (水) 23:43

This module adds a Views display that allows to expose a Google News compatible feed: https://support.google.com/news/publisher/answer/74288?hl=en.


This is a first release that has been used on a number of production sites already. Please test and report back any issues.

Field List Details

2017-08-23 (水) 23:38

Field List Details is a very simple module that provides additional details for fields when viewing the Manage Fields route on an entity type.

No setup required. Once you install the module, your field lists will automatically provide additional details.

Current details provided:

  • If the field is required
  • Date type (date or datetime)
  • Entity references (entity type & target bundles)
  • File & Image paths (including details for the FileField_Paths module)

Suggestions and feature requests are welcome.

Basic Site Configuration using hook

2017-08-23 (水) 21:59

Swiper slider

2017-08-23 (水) 21:44
Swiper Slider

A module to create sliders using swiper slider js library. Thank you for the great library.


This module needs to be installed via Composer, which will download the required libraries.

Add the Drupal Packagist repository

composer config repositories.drupal composer https://packages.drupal.org/8

This allows Composer to find Swiper Slider and the other Drupal modules.

Entity ORM

2017-08-23 (水) 16:29


2017-08-23 (水) 09:51

Are you missing the Symfony's dependency injection container? This is what you're looking for!


To start using this package you must install it via Composer. Thereafter add the next line to the *.info file of the module which is going to populate dependencies to the container or just simply use the PSR-4 autoloader:

Type Style

2017-08-23 (水) 05:47

Type Style allows users to associate colors and icons with their types. This is an important feature for building rich user interfaces, as content editors can quickly associate iconography and colors with a type. Currently Content types, Custom block types, (core) Media types, Taxonomy vocabularies, and File types are supported, but any custom or contributed type can be supported.


2017-08-23 (水) 05:09

This will be the place where we enable Drupal for the next web - web 3.0.

Account Activation Reminder

2017-08-23 (水) 02:46

A module allowing site administrators to resend activation emails from a selected user account page.

It also offers
- a custom email subject line
- a custom email body

This module is safe to use on a production site. Just be sure to only grant 'administer users' permission to developers.

Group Role Delegation

2017-08-23 (水) 02:43

This module allows group owner to grant specific roles to users.
User can set expiry date for selected roles, expiry dates are controlled by cron job, so it automatically removes any expired roles.

Workflows Assignee

2017-08-23 (水) 02:38

Elasticsearch Connect

2017-08-22 (火) 22:54

Provides a set of tools to index your contents in a single Elasticsearch index.

Commerce License Fix

2017-08-22 (火) 21:51

Websites using the Commerce License module lack a Rule to revoke the licenses from a user when the order gets cancelled. This is partially fixed with the patch provided by torgosPizza in #2470467: Rules actions for revoke/suspend.

top 10 google news

2017-08-22 (火) 18:18

Top 10 Google News is a simple module to add a block to our Drupal site to display the latest Google News headlines with short description with image and link to the news page on sections you choose.


1. configure the API key and version (at "admin/config/services/google_news").
2. After that you can put the block to any region on your page (using "admin/structure/block").