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Exit Bee

2017-05-19 (金) 23:21

Exit Bee is a smart conversion optimisation tool that helps you get the most out of your website visitors.

Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of each visitor and predicts the moment they’re about the abandon the website. You can recover those ‘lost’ visitors by targeting them with tailored campaigns and messages based on what they’ve done.

Production Check Features

2017-05-19 (金) 22:43

The Production Check Features module extends the Production check/monitor project with the ability to check for the status of features on remote sites. This is useful when you maintain many sites and use features in the deployment process. With this module enabled you will be able to see if all features are still in the default state. If not, appropriate action can be taken.

Paragraphs accordion

2017-05-19 (金) 19:11

A pre-configured paragraph type that generates an accordion on display.

This module allows the user to enter multiple text/title pairs via the text_with_title compound field type.


2017-05-19 (金) 11:29

Views RSS Core Enclosure Force HTTP on image in formater

2017-05-19 (金) 06:14

Provides views formatter to allow for non https image paths for rss enclosure on https site. To be used with Views Rss Core.

Field Config Cardinality

2017-05-19 (金) 05:28

Allows the cardinality of specific config fields to be overridden cardinality of Storage field.
(Field instance cardinality for drupal 8)

You need patch gets in core. Read more https://www.drupal.org/node/2822460

This module allows reuse fields on diferents bundles of same entity and save on same table of db. Example: field_dates, is posible to be multiple field on article content type, and reuse with single field on page content type.

Cache Invalidate

2017-05-19 (金) 00:26

The Cache Invalidate module allows developer to set trigger to force an entity cache clean

Supported Entities

Currently this module does only support the following entities:

Entity Reference & View Mode Field

2017-05-18 (木) 23:47

A simple compound field for Drupal 8 that is a combination of an entity reference field and a view mode.

This allows a site builder to choose a piece of content in addition to how they want that content to display, useful for referencing related content or promotional content that need to be displayed in a user selectable format.

Schema.org Metatag

2017-05-18 (木) 20:51

This project extends Drupal's Metatag module to display Schema.org vocabulary information as JSON LD in the head of web pages.


2017-05-18 (木) 20:26

netFORUM Single Sign on. Allows users to sign in to Drupal using Avectra netFORUM credentials.

This module allows for Single Sign On between netFORUM and Drupal site. Users can sign in to Drupal site using their netFORUM credentials.

SSO with Bi-directional sync - In addition to basic SSO, this module allows you to manage (create/update) users while logging inn in Drupal site, and this information is automatically synched back to Drupal site. Drupal users can edit their password and information will automatically updated in netFORUM.

Thank you!

Views unformatted list with row ids

2017-05-18 (木) 17:33

Custom views style plugin, based on the default "Unformatted list" style plugin, but with a minor improvement. You can define a pattern which is used for generating unique CSS ids for displayed rows.

If you ever needed to override the views-view-unformatted.tpl.php template just to be able to add custom ids to rendered rows then this is what you have looked for as a better alternative.

Ideal for generating content for in-page navigations.

Text with Title Field

2017-05-18 (木) 16:41

A simple compound field for Drupal 8 consisting of a textfield and a textarea.

A common use case would be for creating accordion or tabbed content, especially from within a paragraphs type.

The field comes with 3 built in formatters.

No Concurrent Video

2017-05-18 (木) 04:21

This is a very simple module that prevents multiple HTML 5 videos from playing on a page, provided the elements have the 'video' class assigned to them.

To use: make sure all HTML 5 tags on a page are assigned a class of 'video' (e.g., ).

That's it! Now whenever you start another video, any previously playing video is paused, preventing more than one video from playing at once on a single page.


2017-05-18 (木) 01:58

Coming Soon....

Override Field Settings

2017-05-17 (水) 22:36

This module allows you to change uneditable settings for fields.


2017-05-17 (水) 20:16

Provides functionality for using Drupal as a static site generator.

Note that 8.x-0.x branch is unstable and experimental, and MUST only be used in development (not in production).


  • The drupal/smith project will use semantic versioning as soon as D.O. supports it.
  • in the meantime versions should be interpreted as 8.x-MAJOR.MINOR-or-PATCH
  • this implies that the 8.x-0.x (i.e. 0.x) branch is unstable.
  • an upgrade path will be provided when the first 8.x-1.x release is added.


2017-05-17 (水) 19:04

This module allows setting a minimum and maximum number of words for Long Text fields.
Further field types will be supported in the future.

Similar modules
  • Maxlength: Maxlength is counting the number of characters.
  • Field validation: A comprehensive collection of field validators including a word counter.

Video Embed Panopto.com

2017-05-17 (水) 18:20

This module provides Panopto.com handler for Video Embed Field.

Users can add Panopto videos to their site by pasting the video's URL into a video embed field.
In the settings users can set width and height and also autoplay option of the video.
This module also can get thumbnail image from the Panopto Public API for using it as a teaser image.

TimelineJS Entity

2017-05-17 (水) 11:03

Note: This module is under heavy active development.

This module aims to provide an entity for defining a Timeline displayed with the TImelineJS library. If you are looking for TimelineJS integration using views check out the Views TimelineJS module.