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Table Bootstrap Filter

2017-08-14 (月) 20:57

Table Bootstrap Filter makes it possible to automatically apply the Bootstrap classes on the tables included in the editor.

You can delete the width and height styles of the tables.

Developped by SERVAL

Guzzle REST Generator

2017-08-14 (月) 14:21

Module to easily perform real-time external REST requests and converted to Drupal REST endpoints from your app.

This helps in hiding your Access Key as the external url(ex: https://api.meetup.com/2/cities?&key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is internally called from your app and not from the client browser.

The module creates a content type "Guzzle Drupal Endpoint" which is as shown in the figure and currently supports GET and POST calls only using Guzzle.

External Media

2017-08-14 (月) 12:47

Disposable Email Address Blocker

2017-08-14 (月) 05:41

DEA Blocker protects Drupal form email fields by disallowing mailbox addresses from a custom blacklist of Disposable Email Address domains.
Its main usage is to avoid user registration with temporary/disposable email addresses (DEA).

Picture Block

2017-08-14 (月) 02:45

This module is a fork of the Image Block module with adaptions made to account for the use of the Picture element.

The admin user is presented with two separate image upload fields for desktop and mobile usage and an additional field to allow for the setting of a pixel width to activate a min-width media query.


2017-08-13 (日) 02:10

Applies validation rules during user registration, based on the Belgian INAMI (Institut national d'assurance maladie-invalidité) / RIZIV (Rijksinstituut voor ziekte- en invaliditeitsverzekering) number nomenclature.

Date pager views plugin

2017-08-12 (土) 20:54

This module gives you a date pager for views to page any datetime fields / entity keys.
The granularity is flexible, you can page by years / month / days so far.

- write a better twig template implementation

Address for China

2017-08-12 (土) 16:54

Address optimal for China.

Permanent Cache Bin

2017-08-12 (土) 12:50

At times we need to cache some values which are not related to Drupal config or data but are coming from external systems and which don't really need to be deleted when clearing (rebuilding) Drupal cache.

This module provides a way to use Drupal cache but still keep it separate from drush cr.

Paragraphs Access Control

2017-08-12 (土) 05:50

Manage access and restriction to edit and view paragraphs.


This module provides a node access type api to allow restriction of access to
paragraph items. Companion modules provide access rules, and grants which are
verified when rendering the entities.


This module was originally built to be compatible with Role Access Control. RAC provides a integration with the paragraphs access module.

Role Access Control

2017-08-12 (土) 05:45

A Drupal module to handle access control based on role references.


Role Access Control (RAC) was developed around the same idea of Taxonomy Access
Control. The major difference is the
use of Role References instead of Taxonomy Terms. This simplifies the access
control configuration on site's who's TAC acls are mimicing the role list.

Make Paths Relative

2017-08-12 (土) 05:25

This module can make(convert) the paths(URLs) to relative instead of absolute. It is useful to using the relative URLs. You can find the more details, here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2664470

Login by IP

2017-08-11 (金) 20:28

Login by IP automatically logs in any enabled user by their IP address. It works by:
Getting the IP for the current visitor - it uses the high availability service from https://www.ipify.org
It then checks if a user account is assigned to current client IP
Login the user

All of it through jQuery calls to the backend of Drupal so there’s no actual slowness to the visitor. The process is a bit more involved but that’s the gist of it.

Adobe audience manager analytics

2017-08-11 (金) 18:47

Adds adobe audience manager script just before the closing body tag. Different s_code and report suite variables can be set for production and development environments.


2017-08-11 (金) 16:22

Provides an integration against Amazon Cognito. When this module is enabled, all user authentication flows are handled through Cognito, including User Registration, User Login and Password Reset.

Why use this module? Federated Login

You can provide federated login between multiple systems, you may have a mobile app, another web app or other Drupal instances, all communicating with the same User Pool.

Redirect Nodes

2017-08-11 (金) 05:04

Redirect Nodes provides a node content type specifically designed for only using as a menu item.

Why not just use core's menu module?

Cores menu module works well for most use cases, however it does not have many integration with access control modules, which makes restricting access to edit, manage and view menu items. Redirect nodes allow menu items to be added that get managed the same way other site content is, which means that all node access modules can be applied to this module.


2017-08-11 (金) 00:50

Commerce choose price

2017-08-10 (木) 15:00

This module allow you to add a field formatter to Commerce 2.0 order items so the customers can set their own price for a product. The price can not be lower than the price of the most expensive product variant.

Webform: Migrate

2017-08-10 (木) 10:59

Migration routines from d6, d7 webform to d8 webform


2017-08-10 (木) 03:36


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