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2017-08-29 (火) 05:41

A base theme for the Drutopia project based on Bulma.

Development is on GitLab and mirrored here.

Commerce Bootstrap Base Theme

2017-08-26 (土) 00:01

This is a sub-theme for the Bootstrap theme. It overrides Drupal Commerce templates to match Bootstrap and other helpers.

This theme is intended to be used as a base theme and speed up the theming of your Drupal Commerce store.

Endless Admin

2017-08-23 (水) 11:36

The practical, sleek, and intuitive Drupal administration theme.
Based on the Seven theme, with improvements such as:

  • Minimal with sleek design
  • Usability improvements
  • Card layout
  • Better responsive support
  • ... and more

Have an idea how to improve it? File an issue or patches are always welcomed!

Try it out! (Hint: Install the theme and set it as Administrative theme.)


2017-08-15 (火) 14:29
A theme with modern tooling. Gulp + Patternlab + Drupal Features
  • Lean: Uses Stable templates and no opinionated files or libraries included.
  • Patternlab: Architected to support Patternlab with Drupal.
  • Static Code Analysis: Checks both scripts and styles for stylistic and syntax errors.
  • SVG: Support SVG sprite generation.
  • Performance Testing: Generates info logs for all the stylesheets generated.

  • Node
  • Gulp
    $ npm install - gulp
  • Composer
    php -r "copy('https://getcomposer.org/installer', 'composer-setup.php');" php composer-setup.php php -r "unlink('composer-setup.php');" mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
  • Drupal Modules
    • Components
      • composer require drupal/components
      • drush dl components
    • Twig Tweak
      • composer require drupal/twig_tweak
      • drush dl twig_tweak

Setup sub-theme
  • Install Kashmir
    • composer require drupal/kashmir
    • drush dl kashmir
  • Enable Kashmir
    • drush en kashmir
  • Generate a sub-theme
    • drush kashmir sub_theme_name
  • Configure settings
    • Update settings in gulp/_config.js for Browsersync and Source for scripts and styles.

  • Dev Environment
    • Build assets by running: gulp.
    • Watch for changes using: gulp watch.
  • Prod/Test Environment
    • Build assets by running: gulp --type production.

Theme tasks
  • Styles
    • gulp styles
    • To Compile styles and generate RTL styles for files with .ltr suffix.
  • Styles Lint
    • gulp scripts-lint
    • To check styles for errors and warnings.
  • Patternlab
    • gulp patternlab
    • To generate Patternlab from files in components.
  • Scripts
    • gulp scripts
    • To Compile and Uglify scripts
  • Scripts Lint
    • gulp scripts-lint
    • To check scripts for errors and warnings.
  • Performance
    • gulp performance
    • To check the stats of the stylesheets.
  • SVG
    • gulp svg
    • To combine multiple SVG files into a single sprite.
  • Watch
    • gulp watch
    • Starts a proxy server and, lints and compiles file on change.
  • Default
    • gulp
    • To generate SVG sprite and lint + compile the scripts and styles in theme.

Diba core

2017-08-11 (金) 20:08

DiBa bootstrap sub-theme.

Web design standards for Diputació de Barcelona public sites.

  • 25 theme regions.
  • Menu output preprocessed to align with bootstrap markup.
  • Menus processed as navbar or nav or normal menu according to the region is placed.
  • File logos upload on theme settings.
  • Social networking theme settings.
  • Search features theme settings.
  • Font awesome.
  • Language selector themed for multilingual webs.
  • Google site verification code integration.

Admin theme- Responsive Administration Ips Theme

2017-08-08 (火) 14:57

Admin theme is the most popular contribute Administration Theme for Drupal
Based on the original seven theme, admin theme has several improvements like:

Modern minimalist design that makes administration an easy and fun experience
Responsive layout
Usability Improvements
Per site custom CSS code overrides without the need of hacking or subtheming the main theme
More block positions and up to 3 column main content. So you can have left and right sidebars blocks inside your content page
Colored buttons for common tasks like Submit (Green button), Preview (Blue button), Delete (Red button) etc... So your eye rapidly focuses on the button you want to click
Table highlighting. When you hover your mouse on a table row, it will be highlighted to help you see what goes where
Improved navigation using the Admin theme Menu submodule
And many more ...


2017-08-06 (日) 18:40

Blogz is the Drupal 8 theme for blogging websites. Its the sub theme of bootstrap. Its ease to configure and user friendly theme.Its a mobile responsive theme.

Note: Please read the readme document and configure the blocks to specified region for better view. We plan to release a stable version soon with some features.


2017-08-04 (金) 05:25

Webtheme is a dynamic sub theme of the UIKit theme.

  • Having a Customizer Settings with more options to override UIKit theme.

Webship actions

Simple Admin

2017-08-03 (木) 11:52

Simple Admin is a bootstrap based premium admin template. It has super clean user interface, customizable components and widgets and three different color schemes. It is fully responsive and easy to customize.

ZURB Template

2017-08-02 (水) 23:08
This project is currently in development and is not recommended for use on production websites until a stable release is available.

This project is a Drupal 8 theme based on ZURB Template powered by ZURB Foundation 6. Our goal is to maintain feature parity between this project and ZURB Template in order to simplify the process of migrating prototype code, built with ZURB Template, into Drupal while providing access to the toolstack and features provided by ZURB Template.

What is Foundation?

Foundation is Framework for any device, medium, and accessibility. Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks that make it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps and emails that look amazing on any device. Foundation is semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable.

  • Asset Copying
  • Sass Compilation
  • JavaScript Compilation
  • Image Compression
  • BrowserSync
  • Style Guide Creation
XY Grid (NEW)

ZURB Template ships with the new XY Grid enabled out of the box. The XY Grid is a completely new framework that shipped with Foundation 6.4+. This powerful flexbox based grid system allows you to create horizontal, vertical, and frame grid layouts.

Note: Because this is a completely new grid framework legacy classes such as 'row' and 'columns' are not available. See the new XY Grid Docs to get aquatinted with the new markup and class requirements.

Supported Modules
  • in development...
Similar Projects

Admin lte - Responsive Administration Ips Theme

2017-07-31 (月) 22:00

Admin lte - Responsive Administration Ips Theme

Admin- Responsive Administration Ips Theme

2017-07-31 (月) 20:53

Admin- Responsive Administration Ips Theme

Enterprise CMS Theme (DE-CMS)

2017-07-30 (日) 01:52

This theme is part of the Drupal Enterprise CMS (DE-CMS). It can be also used as a standalone theme.

As soon as an alpha version is packaged we will issue a release.

Sorout Shelters

2017-07-21 (金) 16:32

Sorout Shelters

Material Design Components

2017-07-21 (金) 07:47

A Drupal administration theme inspired by the newest Material Design project created by Google.

This theme uses no 3rd party libraries or extensions. It has been built to conform to googles markup without any alterations to the DOM.

Currently this theme is a POC, and is not recommended for production sites.
  • Personalization through custom color palettes utilizing the color module. (Match your backend theme with your frontend for a cohesive administration experience). Visit the theme's settings page (admin/appearance/settings/mdc)
  • Card based menu layouts
  • MDC form elements
  • More features to come
What about all the other material admin themes?

Before we started this project we did quite a bit of research and tried to collaborate with many other authors of various other themes in the attempt to contribute and better existing themes with the addition of MDC.

The problem we faced was either a lack of support, or a difference in technologies. We wanted to ensure the least amount of customization to the existing base theme's structure (we use "Seven" as our base).

We also took note of Google's initiate to move forward with MDC and drop future support of MDL (Material Design Lite).

MDL is currently in limited support mode, with no further development taking place by the core team. We are happy to accept and review pull requests for new functionality, however, as long as there are no breaking changes.

More information on this can be found here;



2017-07-20 (木) 23:16

use all kinds of plugins and html5 files to construct a drupal 8 theme, it support responsible page.
components below:
1. bootstrap 3.6
2. smartAdmin back theme html5
3. bootstrap drupal project.
4. it need custom block module - Colormenu

Restaurant Zymphonies Theme

2017-07-11 (火) 20:39

Restaurant Zymphonies Theme is a free mobile-first clean and tasteful free theme designed for all types of Restaurant, Food stall, Hotels and other Dining websites. The Restaurant Zymphonies Theme features a custom Menu and multiple blocks for displaying food and drink menu items. read more

Live Demo Advanced Themes

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Theme designed by FreeBiezz.com & developed by Zymphonies.com


  • Drupal 8 core
  • Bootstrap v3
  • Mobile-first theme
  • Custom menu bar
  • Scrolling clients list
  • More informations in header
    • Quick contact details
    • Social media links
  • Included Sass & Compass source file
    • Colors are stored in Sass variable
    • Well organized Sass code
  • Custom slider - Unlimited image upload
Slider/Banner Configuration

Slider can configure completely in theme settings page. It has control to specify no of required slides, upload image, add title and description etc.

Connect with Zymphonies Contact Zymphonies

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  • Free theme customization & additional features
  • Drupal custom theme development
  • Drupal website design & development
  • Drupal website migration

Sponsored by Zymphonies

WeebPal Backend Theme

2017-07-10 (月) 08:29

Any Drupal developers must get used to the default Drupal admin dashboard theme. We totally love it with its simple design and sensible layout arrangement.

But we thought it could be better.

That's why we work on WeebPal Backend. It's based on our 7 years working with Drupal development and delivering nearly 100 Drupal themes. Here's what this admin theme offers:

- Keeping the default structure of Drupal, so no efforts to relearn the Drupal dashboard behaviors.
- Polished modern design style.
- Minimal Clean Design.
- UX aimed and simple to use.

Not only does the front-end of your website look good but the back-end appearance needs to be great. Because most of the works of a Drupal developer are done in the behind back of the websites.

Contribution by WeebPal

Restaurant Lite

2017-07-07 (金) 18:38

Restaurant Lite is a free mobile-first, Bootstrap 3 based theme for Drupal 8, based on our popular Premium Restaurant+ theme distribution, which helps you create stylish restaurant and café business Drupal 8 sites.

Restaurant Lite is supported by More than (just) Themes, as part of our ongoing effort to make top quality themes available for Drupal 8.

Live Demo of Restaurant Lite Restaurant+ Premium Version

Features of Restaurant Lite
  • Based on Bootstrap 3 framework - http://getbootstrap.com/
  • Mobile-first layout
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • 1, 2 and 3-columns layout support
  • Superfish menus
  • 34 Regions

How to reproduce our demo

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2017-07-02 (日) 17:40

Blog theme is one designed for the professional bloggers who need to create a simple and light weight blog site.
To Do
More details to be added.